Gábor Dénes Prize 2019 December 18, 2019

Gábor Dénes Prize awarded to Dr. Csaba Rekeczky, lecturer of PPCU FITB, and Petra Takács, MSc student of PPCU FITB

Dr. Csaba Rekeczky was awarded the Gabor Denes Prize, an honor presented each year to Hungarian scientists who have demonstrated extraordinary innovation.

Dr. Csaba Rekeczky, electrical engineer, Director of computer vision at Verizon Communication Inc., associate professor at PPCU FITB received the Prize for his results in research and development of spatial-temporal video event detection methods inspired by the structure and operating mechanism of the human visual system. Furthermore, for the engineering of highly parallel algorithms and multi-core processor architectures necessary for the efficient implementation of the above methods, as well as for developing high-performance embedded video event detection solutions in cooperation with the world's leading processor manfacturers.