PhD thesis topic proposals

  • Selected thesis research topics
    • Virtual cellular machines, kiloprocessor chips, cellular wave computers
    • Nano-photonics, nano-scale sensors and energy harvesting devices, modeling bio-nano phenomena
    • Bioinformatics, proteomics
    • Bio-inspired navigation and protheses (substitutes for impaired abilities)
    • Sensing - computing – and algorithms implementations and movement control
    • Deep submicron, MEMS and 3D integrated circuits
    • "Lab-on-a-chip" bionic interfaces, brain electrodes
    • Ultrasonic biomedical imaging, two- and multi-photon-microscopy
    • Special optical-computing devices
    • Medical text processing
    • Quantitative modeling in neuroscience
    • Pulse diagnosis with sensory-obotic devices
    • Spatio-temporal motion analysis based neuromorphic robot-control
    • Optimal Investment strategies for price processes with long term memory
    • Tissue-based ultrasound imaging and diagnostic models
    • Interaction of nanostructured surfaces and neurons
    • Optimizing local drug delivery micro-systems
  • For further PhD topics you are kindly requested to consult with Professor Dr. Gabor Szederkenyi (, Head of the Doctoral School.

Updated: 27-11-2019