Program details

Specializations offered within the program:

  • Molecular Biotechnology
  • Applied Bioinformatics

The curriculum of the study program (120 credits) comprises the following modules:

  • Fundamentals in Natural Sciences and Mathematics (total required: 15-25 credits)
  • Economics and Humanities (total required: 5-15 credits)
  • Skills in Medical Biotechnology (total required: 15-35 credits)
  • Specialization (total required: 30-50 credits)
    • Spcialization in Applied Bioinformatics
    • Specialization in Molecular Biotechnology
    • Specialization in Systems Biology
  • Project Work and Thesis Work (total required: 29 credits)
  • Other elective subjects (maximum 6 credits)

Deadline for application: 30 April

The Medical Biotechnology Masters Program starts in February each year. Note that there is an additional compulsory Preparatory Semester (in the Autumn semester) for international students, preceding the Masters Program. Students may start their Masters studies only after successful completion of the Preparatory Semester.

Updated: 20-04-2020