Preparatory Semester for Master programs

  • Based on their performance at the entrance exam, students may be admitted:
    • to the MSc program directly
    • to the preparatory semester leading to the MSc program.
  • The preparatory semester is a five-month course series targeting international students. The goal of the preparatory semester is to prepare students for their Masters program in Budapest, helping to ensure that they can complete their studies successfully. The preparatory semester helps students to recap, develop and upgrade the Bachelor level skills needed to succeed in their Masters program.
  • The preparatory semester consists of four three-week-long modules, each module comprising three or four subjects. The courses follow an intensive schedule, and are concluded by a compulsory exam.
  • Academic English language skills are also integrated in the program.
  • You will also become familiar with new learning strategies, your new study and living environment, as well as with numerous organizational basics related to your studies.
  • Curriculum of the Preparatory Semester in Computer Science Engineering MSc
  • Curriculum of the Preparatory Semester in Info-Bionics Engineering MSc
  • Curriculum of the Preparatory Semester in Medical Biotechnology MSc

Updated: 04-08-2020