General information on studies for foreign students

  • Foreign students are welcome to study at our university. There are two ways to do it: part-time training and full-time training.
  • Part-time Training
    • Part-time training means that a foreign student spends a semester or a full academic year at PPCU. You may participate in part-time training through a mobility program (eg. Erasmus, CEEPUS etc.), or by being a guest student.
    • Mobility Programs
      • To take part in a mobility program, you have to apply for it at your university in your home country (i. e. you have to be a university student). Your university has to have an agreement with PPCU. These mobility programs usually offer scholarships, and scholarship students don't have to pay a tuition fee at PPCU.
    • Guest student
      • To be a guest student at PPCU, you have to ask for permission from the dean of the Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics. To get the necessary documents, please send an e-mail to the International Office:
  • Full-time Training (BSc, MSc, PhD)
    • Since Hungary is part of the Bologna system, college and university students might get a degree on three levels: Bachelor of Science (BSc), Master of Science (MSc) and the Doctorate (PhD). If you wish to study and get a degree at PPCU, you have to take part in the admission procedure.
    • BSc
      • Duration: 7 semesters
      • Required credits: 210
      • At present the faculty offers accredited BSc programs only in Hungarian.
    • MSc
      • Duration: 4 semesters
      • Required credits: 120
    • PhD