Exchange students

Exchange students remain enrolled at their home university while spending a few months to a full academic year at PPCU Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics, either within the framework of the Erasmus+ program or an exchange agreement at faculty level between their home university and PPCU.

You will only be accepted as an exchange student if your home university has an exchange agreement with PPCU Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics in your field of study.

The primary language of education in our institution is Hungarian. However, two of our MSc programe (Computer Engineering, Info-Bionics Engineering) are in English and several courses at BSc level and in the Medical Biotechnology MSc program are also available in English, provided that there is a substantial interest from incoming exchange students for a special course. Of course most of our professors have a good command of English, and a lot of them also speak other languages as well. Therefore, we strongly advise interested students considering to study at our Faculty but not speaking any Hungarian to get in touch with the International Relations Office at a very early stage, to be able to discuss needs and possibilities, before handing in the actual application. Students writing their thesis work, doing research and/or work placement are most welcome. Those who want to take subjects (e.g. within the framework of Erasmus+ student mobility), may get information about the courses available in English. The list may vary from semester to semester.

Application procedure

  • Deadline for applications
    • Autumn semester
      • Nomination by HEI-s: 01 June
      • Application for students: 30 June
    • Spring semester
      • Nomination by HEI-s: 15 November
      • Application for students: 30 November
  • 1. Interested students are advised to get in touch with the International Relations Office, inquiring about the actual course list held in English available for the next semester. See Contact.
  • 2. Applicants should fill in the
    • Online application form,
    • Transcript of Records and
    • Learning Agreement
    • Learning Agreement Studies Guidelines
    • Please note that a good command of English (at least B2 level) is required in order to be accepted as an Erasmus student. Proof of language proficiency should be sent along with your Erasmus application. (For native Hungarians coming from abroad and speaking Hungarian, it is enough to state that they speak the language.)
    • Please send documents via e-mail (in PDF format) to the International Relations Office of the Faculty.
  • 3. The International Relations Office should send the Letter of Acceptance until 10 July / 10 December.
  • 4. Please note that incoming students should provide for their own accommodation, since our Faculty has no student dormitories or flats. You will have to find accommodation independently. (You can find some useful tips for finding accommodation here). Incoming students may also contact the Faculty's student association (HÖK), especially if they wish to share a room with other students. The student association may have some practical advices and/or up-to-date information.