Eating facilities in and around the Faculty

  • Eating facilities in the Faculty
    • 1. Cafeteria (temporarily closed), more information about the opening later
    • 2. Microwave ovens also in the canteen area
    • 3. Coffee machines are available for hot drinks
  • Eating options nearby
    • 1. Dezső's eatery (Dezső bácsi Falatozója, Práter utca 55). Hungarian cuisine at a good value.
    • 2. Dagoba bisztró (Práter utca 59): their offer includes a few daily meals including various types of quiche with salad and other selection of international cuisine. Prices range from 900-1800 HUF. Make sure you arrive before 12.30 or pre-order on their FB page.
    • 3. Canteen of Nokia (temporarily closed) - a mixture of traditional Hungarian and international cuisine at a good value. Pázmány students or staff get 10% discount.
    • 4. Kerova eatery (Práter utca 55, opposite the faculty entance), Hungarian cuisine with stew, noodles at a good value (900-1200 HUF).
    • 5. Small restaurants in Corvin sétány (pizza, gyros or salads). We recommend Madame Pho (Corvin sétány 5) and Kompót Bisztró with daily menus for cca 2000 HUF.
    • 6. Food court in Corvin Shopping Mall it is only a ten-minute walk from our building.
    • 7. Food stores next to the Faculty (Spar, Lidl).

Budapest is considered a relatively cheap city; prices match the budget of students. A two-course lunch cost cca 1200-1500 HUF, the price of beverages is around 330 HUF, a glass of beer is 350-750 HUF in pubs.

Updated: 01-09-2020