General Structure of the Academic Year

Semester 1 (Autumn)

  • Registration period: early September
  • Study period: early September to mid-December
  • Examination period: mid-December to the end of January

Semester 2 (Spring)

  • Registration period: early February
  • Study period: early February to mid-May
  • Examination period: mid-May to early July


  • In semester 1 (Autumn) there is a one-week Autumn break around All Saints' Day (the turn of October and November).
  • In semester 2 (Spring) there is a one-week Spring break around Easter (in March or April).
  • Summer holiday is normally two months (July and August), from the end of semester 2 (Spring) until the beginning of semester 1 (Autumn).

Updated: 26-05-2020