The Jedlik Laboratories

The Jedlik Laboratories (the Ányos Jedlik Research and development Laboratory) is a new Science-Education-Technology Center where the advantages of multidisciplinary work is emphasized in some important emerging fields of science and technology. In the beginning the key areas were Info-bionics and Sensor-computing, Tele-presence and Language Technologies. Nano-bio technology, VLSI IC design and some other areas have recently become important key areas as well.


The Jedlik Laboratories is organized within the Faculty of Information Technology in an active and institutional cooperation with the founding and later joined institutes. The founding Institutes: the Institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS), namely the Computer and Automation Research Institute, the Research Institute for Experimental Medicine, the Neurobiology Research Unit at the Semmelweis University of Medicine of the HAS, the Research Institute of Technical Physics and Material Science, the Research Institute of Psychology, the Institute of Enzymology of the Biology Research Center of the HAS, the Gedeon RichterCo., the Ericsson Hungary Ltd., and a few SMEs. The cooperating international research laboratories are listed in the International relations section.