Mission Statement

Our mission is:

  • to bridge the gap between forefront research, university education, and technology transfer, including competitive R&D projects, via 
  • the daily interactions between research professors and students forming a unit,
  • where innovation and learning are developing in concert, and
  • in close cooperation and with the support of a few leading research laboratories and high tech companies, worldwide.

The other specific aspects of this center are:

  • Live synergies of information technology and life sciences, in particular the neurosciences, genetics and immunology as well as certain aspects of the emerging field of nano-scale engineering and molecular bionics.
  • The synergy is supported via a hierarchy of models, including functional, macro, micro and nano-scale (molecular level) models, as well as analogue, digital and analog array -and-logic models, and including human and artificial language technologies.
  • Based on the sensor revolution and nano-scale technologies, the emerging fields of sensor-computing, telepresence, integrated communication and ad-hoc mobile networks, bio-compatible interfaces, as well as "smart" energy saving devices and integrated nano-micro systems, we are searching for new directions of applications, products and services to be developed.