Juhász János

Juhász János, Ph.D. assistant professor

Short bio

Professional interests: bioinformatics, systems biology, computational biology, agent-based modelling, microbial communication and cooperation, microbiome analysis

- 2019: PhD in Roska Tamás Doctoral School of Science and Technology, PPKE ITK, Thesis advisor: Prof. Sándor Pongor
- 2015: MSc in Medical Biotechnology, PPKE ITK, Semmelweis University, Thesis advisor: Prof. Sándor Pongor
- 2013: BSc in Molecular Bionics, PPKE ITK, Thesis advisor: Prof. Sándor Pongor

Consulting hours

Based on appointment

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    • MSc in Info-Bionics
    • MSc in Medical Biotechnology
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