Erasmus+ mobility

Deadline for applications

Autumn semester:

  • Nomination by HEI-s: 01 May
  • Application for students: 31 May

Spring semester (for MSc students only):

  • Nomination by HEI-s: 15 October
  • Application for students: 15 November

Application procedure:

  • Step 1: The Home University sends nomination via email to
  • Step 2: The student receives instructions from PPCU to fill in the on-line application through the S.O.P. Mobility Online system.
  • Step 3: Documents for application should be uploaded in the online system by the student.
  • Step 4: Evaluation of the Application and final acceptance by PPCU.

Step 1: Nomination
First of all, your home university has to nominate you. This is the official way to get an Erasmus student's confirmation. (Please note the nomination deadlines.)

Step 2: Confirmation of nomination
In reply to the nomination, we will send the link to our S.O.P. Mobility Online System to your home university.

Step 3: Application
The next step is to upload your application in the S.O.P. Mobility Online System. (Please mind the application deadlines). All the necessary documents of your mobility will be handled in the Mobility Online system. Please proceed as the system asks you via system e-mails.

  • Required documents for application:
    • Transcript of Records (about previous studies)
    • Proof of English language proficiency (at least B2 level, according to CEFR)
    • Learning Agreement Before Mobility, signed by two parties 

Step 4: Final acceptance
Your application becomes valid after you upload an ID photo and your Learning Agreement.

Updated: 18-02-2021