1. Participation costs

  • Participation costs cover the following support and services:
    • Tuition fees at partners universities
    • access to all courses and conferences delivered under the Main Study Track and Student Personal Training Plan,
    • assistance from the student services of the partner universities in accordance with regulations of student services,
    • use of libraries in accordance with library regulations of the partner universities,
    • use of information technology infrastructures in accordance with the specific regulations of the partner universities,
    • insurance coverage.
  • Fees for the cohort 2021/2023:
    • For Programme country students (European Union AND non-European Union countries situated in Europe): 3000 €/year
    • For Partner country students (rest of the world): 4500 €/year.

2. Available scholarships

2021-2023 COHORT

For the 2021-2023 edition, IPCV Excellence Scholarships are offered to both non-EU/EEA students and EU/EEA students. IPCV Excellence Scholarship covers the participation costs (tuition fees of the three partner universities, diploma fees and health insurance) for the total duration of the programme.

The IPCV Consortium is offering at least 10 IPCV Excellence Scholarships for the 2010-2023 cohort. Applications shall be submitted along with the application for the IPCV programme.

The three partner universities also gather local, national and other scholarship offers. For more information, please check the below websites:

  • PPCU (Hungary):

Enrolled IPCV students may apply for Erasmus+ scholarships (for studies/for traineeship) at PPCU. This may contribute to the living costs in countries other than Hungary and the student's nationality.
Current monthly allowance for Spain and France: 520€/month.

For further information, please contact

  • UAM (Spain):

Scholarship page of UAM

  • UBx (France):

Scholarship page of University of Bordeaux

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship (scholarship available only for the second year of the programme)

Additional scholarships offered by our industrial partners may also be available later.

For further information about cost and funding, please visit website.


Updated: 29-03-2021