Roska Tamás Doctoral School of Sciences and Technology

About us

Information Science, Electrical Engineering Sciences, Biological Sciences

Board of the Doctoral School

Members of the Board of the Doctoral School appointed by the Doctoral Committee of the University (DCU)

Terms of earning the PhD degree

The Doctoral Regulations of the PPCU contains the requirements and the degree procedures of earning the doctoral degree.

PhD thesis topic proposals

Virtual cellular machines, kiloprocessor chips, cellular wave computers; Bioinformatics, proteomics

PhD Admission

The admission procedure is organized by the Faculty twice a year, in July and in January.

Students participating in the organized doctoral program

The final certificate can be obtained by collecting 180 credit points during the first 6 semesters of the program.

Private studies and preparations

The application of permission for private preparations has to be submitted to the DHB according to the Doctoral Regulations of the PPCU (13 §).

Supervisors and Advisers

The members of the Doctoral School, eligible are determined by the DHB, considering national regulations as well.