Applications of Kiloprocessor Arrays

  • Heads of Laboratory: Prof. Péter SZOLGAY, Dr. Zoltán NAGY, Dr. András KISS, Dr. István Zoltán REGULY
  • Members: Attila FEJÉR, Sam KHOZAMA, Levente Márk SÁNTHA
  • Many core computers are the current approach to the solution of computationally intensive problems. Many core may mean 1000 but soon few 100000 or even more processing elements will be available on a desktop machine. A wider view of the concept or many core should include the idea of mixing different kinds of resources and processors, such as logic processors (Configurable logic blocks), arithmetic processors (DSP blocks) and general purpose processor (e.g. Microblaze) are in the same FPGA chip or computing together, forming heterogeneous many core systems. In the mainstream products, FPGAs and GPUs, multi cellular architectures are present combining locally coupled processor and or memory arrays. Typical applications are from medical signal processing to analysis of complex physical systems.
  • The processor architectures can be specified not oly on VHDL or Verilog but also C/C++ based descriptions are supported. A wide range of IC design packages (Cadence, Mentor) and FPGA development tools are available in the lab.

Updated: 04-05-2020