MTA-PPKE Hungarian Natural Language Processing Group

  • Head of Laboratory: Prof. Gábor PRÓSZÉKY
  • Members: Dr. Attila Zoltán NOVÁK, Dr. Borbála NOVÁK, Dr. László János LAKI, Dr. Zijian Győző YANG, Noémi LIGETI- NAGY, Andrea DÖMÖTÖR, Mram KAHLA, Kamran IBIYEV, Sebestyén NÉMETH
  • The Natural Language Processing Group at Pázmány Péter Catholic University is a team of faculty researchers, PhD students, undergraduate students and programmers who work together developing algorithms that enable computers to process and understand human languages. Our research interest covers: neural machine translation, medical text processing and mining, corpus lingustic applications, morphologies, part-of-speech tagging, spelling correction, parsing, quality estimation, word embedding and deep learningmethods for human language technologies.
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Updated: 03-04-2020