Simulations of Electromagnetic Fields and Field-matter Interactions - toward engineering quantum electrodynamics

  • Heads of Laboratory: Prof. Árpád CSURGAY, Dr. György CSABA
  • Member: Dr. Ádám PAPP
  • The scaling of semiconductor devices (according to Moore's law) and the continuous increase of their computing power are already pushing the physical limits. Our research group works on the design and development of exotic computing devices that can enable beyond Moore scaling of devices. The focus of the work is on magnetic, spin-wave-based devices. These devices use magnetic excitations (spin waves) to carry and process information.
  • Members of our group (along with our former U.S. colleagues) have designed and patented a spin-wave-interference-based microwave spectrometer, which we are currently working to implement. In addition to magnetic computing devices, we also design oscillator-based analog computers.

Updated: 16-04-2020