Smart Sensory Computing Lab

  • Head of Laboratory: Dr. András HORVÁTH
  • Members: Dóra Eszter BABICZ, András FÜLÖP, Ákos KOVÁCS, Jalal ALAFANDI, Franciska RAJKI, Gergely SZABÓ, Márk PETŐ
  • In the Smart Sensory Computing Lab we have a special focus on machine vision and artificial intelligence. Many aspects of our comprehensive research are related to real-life applications, such as:
    • Intelligent analysis of medical images (e.g. recognizing cancer cells on microscopic images, automatic eye diagnosis using fundus cameras),
    • An internally-developed face recognition-based access control system,
    • A cell phone app helping visually impaired people to get ariybd,
    • Vision systems for smart cities that identify vehicles and pedestrians as well as predict dangerous situations.
  • In our theoretical research we primarily focus on understanding the principles of learning and vision. A key challenge is improving the generalization ability of learning algorithms and more specifically neural networks.

Updated: 17-04-2020