Student Union

Student Union

The Faculty is trying to support undergraduate students of talent so that they can evolve their talent and give outstanding professional performance in addition to adequately meeting the requirements of the courses. The previous aims are carried out by the Students' Scholarly Circle of the Faculty.The Students' Scholarly Circle of the Faculty is regulated by its operating regulations. The operating regulations detail the organization, aims and objectives of the Students' Scholarly Circle of the Faculty. It defines research sections that are closely related to the research fields of the Faculty.

The aim of the Faculty is to include the scientific student activities in an institutional framework, to promote finding new research subjects and to initiate the interaction between a supervisor and a student. The Faculty provides a public forum (Students' Scholarly Conference at the Faculty) to present their results and be judged by a professional jury at least once every academic year. It promotes the participation of the students in other scientific conferences, meetings. It facilitates the proper rewarding of the most successful students of the SSC and their supervisors.So far there has been 3 Students' Scholarly Conference organized at the Faculty.

The number of participants and the audience is increasing dynamically. The significant number of papers on biologically motivated research shows that it is one of the special research fields of the Faculty. In addition, the papers cover topics in infocommunication, signal processing, robotics, hardware and infobionics. The papers submitted to the XXVIII. National SSC cover topics in computer networks, infocommunication, applications of signal processing in natural sciences and engineering, and electronics.

Updated: 23-04-2020