• Projektszám: # 3205.00

    • Cím: Bionic Eyeglass
    • Futamidő: 2013.02.04 - 2014.11.30.
    • Témavezető: Dr. Karacs Kristóf
    • Elnyert támogatás: 50.000,- USD
    • The main objectives of the projects are:
      • Exemplar Study: a series of video interviews and observations which will be enacted in order to understand the motivations of the exemplars;
      • Designing Mobil Applications: a team of engineers at the Pazmany Peter Catholic University in Budapest will document the process of the research and development work related to the design and testing of sortware applications that run on smart phones, which help blind people navigate urban environments;
      • Device Review: the same team will produce detailed reviews of available assistive technologies examining pros and cons in order to help visually impaired people make informed decisions.

Frissítve: 2020.05.28.