The important documents of the Conference of the Scientific Students' Associations (i.e. Regulation and Assessment Sheet) can be downloaded at the following links:

Some information about the formal requirements of the application form and report:

  • Reports can either be written in Hungarian or in English.
  • The recommended length of the report is 30-60 pages.
  • Required format of the report: pdf, file name: TDK_<year_name>.pdf
  • One copy of the report should be submitted in printed and bound format and also in electronic format.
  • Format of the application form: Word document, file name: TDK_NL_<year_name>.doc
  • A hard copy printed and signed by the academic advisor and one copy in electronic format should be submitted.
  • The one-page summary should be in tex format , file name: TDK_EO_<year_name>.tex
  • The summary should be sent in electronic format. The Latex source should not be translated, it can be created simply by word processor (even in notepad) with the help of the template in the following link.

Formal requirements of the presentation:

  • The presentation should be held in Hungarian or English.
  • The length of the presentation should be max. 15 minutes.
  • Please take care to adhere to a formal dress code.