Explore the cutting-edge realm of Medical Biotechnology through our MSc program, offered in collaboration with Semmelweis University Budapest. This program empowers students to acquire advanced theoretical and hands-on expertise at the dynamic intersection of medicine and informatics. As medical biotechnologists, graduates engage in pivotal roles within the rapidly evolving bio-medicinal sector, undertaking tasks such as research, development, application, and management. Proficient in modelling and simulating biological systems on computers, they possess a deep understanding of contemporary methods in molecular diagnostics and therapies. Furthermore, they excel in designing, creating, managing, and utilizing databases specific to medical biotechnology. With the ability to adeptly handle and interpret extensive datasets of medical significance, these specialists, trained in science, informatics, and specialized medical fields, are poised for impactful careers in basic research, pharmaceuticals, medical/molecular diagnostics, or biotechnology. 

Embark on your academic journey in September (Fall term) with a foundation semester, paving the way for the commencement of the formal Master's program in February (Spring term). The entire program unfolds over a duration of 1+4 semesters, providing a comprehensive and structured educational experience. 

You can read about the program details here.