2024. Ju.
Online Open Day - Biodata Analysis Pg Cert
2024. Au.
Application deadline for the Biodata Analysis Pg Cert program
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Admissions for the 2024/2025 academic year are open

Apply to our prestigious, innovative English-language Masters programs or Doctoral programs.

Study Programs

Computer Science Engineering MSc

Information technology in the service of humanity

Medical Biotechnology MSc

Cellular-level knowledge, tuned for healing

Info-Bionics Engineering MSc

Innovation at the intersection of life sciences and information technology

Quantum Engineering MSc

Stand at the forefront of technological revolution!

Bioinformatics MSc

Innovation based on biological data

Bionics - Science of the 21st Century

Bionics is a science that improves people's health and their quality of life by applying solutions from nature to engineering. It builds on the foundations of biology, computer science and other natural sciences, opening up new horizons in engineering. 

Within Europe the first study program in the field of bionics was launched in Pázmány University's faculty of Information Technology and Bionics, where students can participate in cutting-edge researches and developments. 

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Join us for our Online Info Sessions

Embark on a riveting 90-minute journey of exploration and intellectual challenge – join us for our Online Info Sessions, where the doors to exciting opportunities at our Faculty swing open. In these brief but comprehensive sessions, discover everything you need to make an informed decision about the boundless possibilities awaiting you at Pázmány ITK.

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