The Doctoral Regulations of the PPCU contains the requirements and the degree procedures of earning the doctoral degree. The minimum requirements of publication and language certificates of the Doctoral School - with respect to the characteristics of the specialties, - the organization of the doctoral pre-defense, and the preparation of the co-author's statement are contained in this Operating Regulations.

  • Requirements related to studies, teaching, and examination of the Doctoral School.
    • The first part of the Studies and Examinations Regulations is based on a 4 semester long period when doctoral students study 2 subjects per semester (typically 5 credit points each) and attend research seminars and teach undergraduate courses (max 4 hours a week- 5 credit points). The doctoral students start research work (30 credit points per year), besides these obligations. The research is taking up their whole time in the second 4 semesters along with the research seminars.
    • On the end of the 2nd year, after having fulfilled the educational credit requirements (min. 90 credits) is organised the Complex exam. This is an oral exam, divided into two parts. In the 1st part the Complex Exam Committee evaluates viability of the Candidate's research, in the 2nd part the candidate's skills and background knowledge necessary for the completion of the dissertation. The purpose of this exam to ensure that the PhD Student has a thorough knowledge and research-ready skills of the field related broader subjects in which the dissertation is to be finished. The exam is graded on a 'Pass/Fail' basis. By successfully passing the Complex Exam the Doctoral Students enter in the research period. In caseof failing the theoretical part of the exam, the PhD Student can retake the exam once. If failing the dissertation part of the Complex exam, there is no possibility for a retake, the PhD student's Hungarian student status is terminated.
    • The second part of the Studies based on a 4 semester long period when doctoral student's only tasks are the research and the preparation of dissertation.
    • For the research of the 4 semesters of the 3rd and 4th year 30 credit points is given, in each semester, if proper progress has been made in their research.
    • Credit points can be gived for reputed international peer reviewed Journal papers or extarordinary conference papers (awards, etc.).
    • The final certificate has to be obtained by the end of the 4th year (31st August / 31st January), by fulfilling 240 credit points.
    • The occasional international research trip is included in the 4 years of preparation, during this period the doctoral student might be assigned a passive semester in the Doctoral School.

The minimum publication requirement of the earning of the doctoral degree is a least two articles published in a renowned international scientific journal of the research field. In special cases the DHB may decide by a majority verdict such that one of the articles can be substituted by a full length article in a renowned international conference proceedings. The articles can be presented by a separate reprint or the letter of acceptance along with the submitted manuscript.