Dear future Students and Visitors,

I am pleased to welcome you on behalf of the community of the Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics of Pázmány Péter Catholic University.

I am grateful to our current students for having entrusted their professional formation to us by applying to the engineering programs offered by Pázmány ITK. My colleagues and I feel the responsibility of supporting you with the best of our knowledge in return for your hard work and talents.

The primary objective of our Faculty —which will celebrate 25 years of existence in 2023— is to focus both its educational and research activity on the human person. Besides the transmission of knowledge in engineering and computer science, personal contact is also of key importance at our University.

Right from the beginning, we regard our students as young colleagues. During the consultations that accompany students' research projects, we do not only transmit —in a master-disciple relationship— the expertise accumulated by generations of scientists but we also help students discover who they really are and experience what great results they are able to achieve. We find this extremely important since we all want to be part of something great.

Besides our programs in computer science engineering, bionics engineering also plays an outstanding role in the life of our Faculty. In this field based on the close relationship between electronics and biology, our education and research activity is focused on the development, programming and application of tools aimed at curing sick or injured people or making their lives easier. The results of our educational activity in the fields of computer science engineering and bionics are made manifest in the regular and successful participation of our students and researchers in different disciplines of Cybathlon, the "Formula 1" technological competition of bionics.

Make sure you watch our video about bionics available here.

Since personal relationships are important to us, we also organize open days for future students and high school students interested in our Faculty, giving them a glimpse into the work of our laboratories and the world of research and development. Our results presented during the open days are related to brain-computer interfaces, smart prosthetics and exoskeletons, molecular imaging systems, labs-on-a-chip, artificial intelligence and bioinformatics, among others.

Our students say that our requirements are demanding and the path is exciting but steep. However, each tree is recognized by its own fruit. Our graduates have excellent employment opportunities, and we are proud of both the successful technological spin-offs and start-ups established by our graduates and the outstanding results of our PhD students' and graduates' international research activity.

I invite all our current and future students to join us for an intellectual adventure aimed understanding man and the world, finding answers to questions of research and development in the service of curing the sick and improving people's quality of life, as well as searching for the truth.

I ask God's blessing on your life, studies and work.

Dr. György CSEREY