Hungarian Language and Culture




Hungarian, also known as Magyar, is a Finno-Ugric language spoken by approximately 13 million people worldwide, primarily in Hungary and its neighboring regions. It is renowned for its complex grammar, extensive vocabulary, and distinct phonetic sounds. While mastering Hungarian may seem daunting, even a basic understanding of the language can greatly enrich your experience in Hungary and foster meaningful interactions with locals. 

At our Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics, we offer Hungarian as a foreign language courses to international students. The courses are an integral part of the curriculum of our for full-time international students, whereas it can be selected by visiting (Erasmus+) students of the Faculty.  

Below you will find some essential Hungarian phrases to help you navigate daily life and communicate effectively during your time in Hungary. 

Useful Hungarian Expressions (with English pronunciation guide): 

  • Hello – Szia! (see-yah) - to greet and say goodbye to a single person you already know 
  • Hello -  Sziasztok! (see-yah-stock) - to greet and say goodbye multiple people you already know 
  • Good morning - Jó reggelt! (yoh reh-gelt) 
  • Good day / good afternoon - Jó napot! (yoh nah-pot) 
  • Good evening! - Jó estét! (yoh eh-shtate) 
  • Goodbye - Viszontlátásra! (vee-zont-la-tash-ra) 
  • Please - Kérem! (kay-rem) 
  • Thank you - Köszönöm! (kur-zur-nurm) 
  • Yes - Igen (ee-gen) 
  • No - Nem (nem) 
  • Excuse me - Elnézést (el-nay-zayst) or Bocsánat (bot-sha-nath) 
  • How are you? - Hogy vagy? (hoj vahdj) 
  • I'm sorry - Sajnálom! (shoy-nah-lom) 
  • Help - Segítség! (she-geet-sayg) 
  • University – Egyetem (egh-yeh-tem) 
  • Can you help me? - Tudna segíteni? (tood-nah sheg-ee-teh-nee) 
  • Do you speak English? - Beszél angolul? (bes-zale ahn-goh-lool) 
  • I don't understand. - Nem értem. (nem air-tem) 
  • My name is... - A nevem... (ah neh-vem...)