Application Guide

Admission procedure

  • The admission procedure is organized by the Faculty twice a year, in July and in January. Application should be sent to the Dean's Office of the Faculty.The application has to include a short description (max. 3 pages) of the applicant's results, plans, proposed subject of research and a short reference from the applicant's mentor (previous professor or other mentor).
  • The entrance examination is usually held in the first quarter of July and January, respectively, the applicants are notified about their acceptance before 1st August and 1st February. Members of the Admission Committee are the heads of the programs and two additional persons proposed by the head of the doctoral school and appointed by the Chairman of the DHB. The Chairman of the Admission Committee is appointed by the Chairman of the DHB.
  • The results of the Applicants are ranked by the Admission Committee in the following way. The maximum number of points is 100:
    • Diploma and results of the final exams: max. 35 points, Diploma: good – 10 points, excellent – 20 points, with honors – 25 points, Finals: between 4.0 and 4.5 – 5 points, above this 10 points,
    • Language skill: an English intermediate certificate is mandatory, every other intermediate language certificate - 5 points, an advanced level languange certificate 15 points (points can be given only once per language). Maximum 15 points altogether.
    • Previous scientific activity: max. 20 points. Student's Scholarly Conference (SSC) results (National SSC 1st-3rd place max. 20 points, SSC of the Faculty 1st-3rd place max. 15 points), articles (article accepted in an international journal max. 20 points), conference proceedings, patents.
    • Personal competence: max. 30 points. The evaluation is based on the applicant's (i) familiarity with the relevant scientific results and publications of the research topic, (ii) ability to outline a still unsolved problem of the field, and (iii) capability to differentiate between research and development tasks.
  • The Admission Committee ranks the applicants based on their results. The Board of the Doctoral School decides on the acceptance, including the details of the financial support.
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