Doctoral School

Welcome to the website of ROSKA Tamás Doctoral School of Sciences and Technology!
  • The ROSKA Tamás Doctoral School of Sciences and Technology of the PÁZMÁNY Péter Catholic University (hereafter: Doctoral School) has been accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee in 2001. The Operating Regulations (Bylaws) of the Doctoral School has been determined in order to regulate the norms and processes belonging to the doctoral schools taking into consideration the unique mission, methodology, and characteristics of the Doctoral School. The Operating Regulations are based also on the "Regulations of the Doctoral Training and the Earning of the Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.)" of PÁZMÁNY Péter Catholic University (hereafter Doctoral Regulations of the PPCU) accepted in September 2003.
  • The Doctoral School is in line with the following few fundamental new trends of research of the international scientific community:
    • Bio-inspired and neuromorphic information technology and bionics; fundamentally new principles of sensory computing, surveillance, and navigation
    • Molecular and nano sized sensing and computing; realizability studies of electronics and optics
    • Human and artificial language technologies, artificial understanding and telepresence
  • Our disciplines are as folows (according to the relevant scientific filed classifications in Hungary):
    • Information Science
    • Electrical Engineering Sciences
    • Biological Sciences
  •  Programs
    • Program 1: Bionics, Bio-inspired Wave Computers, Neuromorphic Models. Heads: Tamás FREUND, Zsolt LIPOSITS, Sándor PONGOR
    • Program 2: Computer Technology Based on Many-core Processor Chips, Virtual Cellular Computers, Sensory and Motoric Analog Computers. Head: Péter SZOLGAY
    • Program 3: Feasibility of Electronic and Optical Devices, Molecular and Nanotechnologies, Nano-architectures, Nanobionika Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools. Head: Árpád CSURGAY
    • Program 4: Human Language Technologies, Artificial Understanding, Tele-presence, Communication. Head: Gábor PRÓSZÉKY
    • Program 5: On board Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Head: Ákos ZARÁNDY