Research work at the Faculty focuses mainly on the interdisciplinary area between life sciences, computer science and engineering, and on strengthening the convergence paradigm of these fields. The flat departmental organization of the Faculty makes cooperation between different research groups particularly easy. The Faculty's capacities in computing and dedicated hardware architecture design are also outstanding, which in particular helps solve complex computational problems that arise in engineering design or biological data analysis.

Research and education are closely linked at the Faculty, which was awarded the title of 'Research University Faculty' by the Hungarian Government in 2013.

Students actively take part in research during their university years. They can work individually or in teams on a chosen topic with the assistance of a researcher or professor within the framework of the Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program, and later join one of 22 research groups of the Jedlik Laboratories.

Jedlik Laboratories is the center of scientific activity at the Faculty, where professors and researchers are joined by PhD and Master students. Study and innovation are linked through major research laboratories and state-of-the-art SMEs, from both Hungary and abroad.