The Faculty operates in a so called department system used in other research universities mostly in the US and the UK. This means that there is no hierarchical difference between professors. Professors and associate professors or postdocs and senior researchers are responsible for courses (which are coordinated in course-groups according to the accredited curricula). There are no chairs organized in a hierarchical structure, one lecturer can belong to more course groups.

Research at the Faculty is conducted in the Ányos Jedlik Research and Development Laboratories, briefly called, the Jedlik Laboratories. PhD students, besides their weekly two classes and participation in teaching via recitation of one course in the first two years, basically deal with research during the four years of their doctoral studies. With the direction of their supervisors their research can also by supported by a research contract. Research conducted in the Faculty is coordinated by that Vice-Dean of R&D who also supervises the Laboratory infrastructure.

Relations with the corporate sector, the companies and investors are becoming more and more important; in addition we started to establish several spin-off companies.