If you wish to apply for one of the MSc programme offered by the Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics (ITK), you should follow the steps described below. 

This is a summary of the admissions procedure as a whole, from browsing the available study programmes to getting ready for your studies at Pázmány ITK. However, you can find more detailed information about the application process itself and the entrance examination in the relevant sections.  

Step 1: Choose the MSc programme that you want to apply for 

All our MSc programmes are run in English and are open to international applicants. Browse the information available about the different programmes and select the one that best suits your future plans: 

Please note that in the 2024/25 academic year, our Bioinformatics MSc and Quantum Engineering MSc programmes are available to self-funded students only.  

Step 2: Check out the admission requirements  

Read the detailed admission requirements to see if you are eligible to apply for our MSc programmes. 

Step 3: Check out the tuition fee or the available scholarship schemes  

You may apply for our MSc programmes as a self-funded applicant or as a scholarship applicant. 

Self-funded applicants are required to pay the tuition fee themselves, while the tuition fee of successful applicants for the scholarships offered by the Hungarian government is covered by the scholarship (link: Scholarships). 

Step 4: Submit your application 

Different application procedures apply to self-funded applicants, scholarship applicants and applicants for the IPCV joint master’s programme. 

Select which group of applicants you belong to and check out the details and deadlines of the relevant application procedure. 

Step 5: Take the entrance examination 

Admission to our MSc programmes is subject to an entrance examination, both written and oral (in the case of IPCV, only oral).  

Read the relevant section of our website to find out more about the entrance examination. 

Step 6: Decision of admission 

  • Self-funded applicants: If you have passed the entrance examination as a self-funded applicant, we will send you a notification email. You will need to confirm acceptance of the place offered to you and pay the tuition fee, after which you will receive your formal Decision of Admission. 
  • Scholarship applicants: If you have passed the entrance examination as a scholarship applicant, your result will be uploaded to the relevant DreamApply platform, and the decision about the scholarship will be made by the Tempus Public Foundation (SH, Diaspora) or the Hungary Helps Agency (SCYP), not by the University. You will be notified about the scholarship decision through the DreamApply system. 

If you have been granted the scholarship, you will also receive a Decision of Admission from the university. You will need to confirm acceptance of the place offered to you and the scholarship in the DreamApply system. 

Step 7: Get ready for starting your studies at Pázmány ITK 

When you have accepted the place offered to you, we will send you all the detailed information and a to-do list that you need for preparing your arrival in Hungary. 


For those who prefer to visualize the process, we have created an infographic.