Info-Bionics Engineering MSc

Over the last decade, we have witnessed the appearance of a new branch of industry, info-bionics, which has already resulted in great products (gene-chips, cochlea implants for the hearing impaired, personalized medicines, neuromorphic sensing robots) within a short period, and is still developing at an amazing pace. It is the combination of two state-of the-art technologies, informatics and biotechnology.
The program has two focuses. One of them comprises issues relating to engineering, electronics, and informatics where the data processing of living organisms provides models for engineering solutions or computational algorithms as well as methods needed to understand life better (e.g. neural modeling, bioinformatics). The other direction includes procedures, instruments and devices aiding the measurement, control and operation of vital processes affecting living organisms and the quality of human life. This program is especially important in the context of interfaces, prostheses and rehabilitation. Examples include bionic eyeglasses, brain computer interfaces, neural electrodes, leg actuation, wheelchair navigation or devices that facilitate invasive operations with only minor intervention.

  • Specializations:
    • Bionic interfaces
    • Bio-nano-measurement and imaging