Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics at Pázmány


Founded in 1998, the Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics (ITK) at Pázmány Péter Catholic University (PPKE) was established with the mission of promoting the integration of a broad spectrum of biology and electronics. Since its inception, the Faculty has focused on multiprocessor architectures, algorithms based on biological principles such as machine learning, artificial neural networks, and robotics research, collectively referred to today as “artificial intelligence”. Equally important at Pázmány ITK is the emphasis on bioinformatics and linguistics. As a result, our Faculty has developed a synergistic and exceptional combination of expertise that has effectively responded to the recent revolution in artificial intelligence over the past years. 

This revolutionary change has been brought about by a new generation of machine learning methods, significantly enhancing the efficiency of applications used by average people, such as machine translation, text and image interpretation, and generation. All of this is intricately connected to the Faculty's previous research and educational programs. Our event provided an overview of these activities for a broader audience during the Hungarian Science Festival. 


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