• Head of Laboratory: Prof. Gábor SZEDERKÉNYI
  • Members: Dr. Péter POLCZ, Balázs CSUTAK, Mihály András VÁGHY, Gergely HORVÁTH, Nawar Kadhem Nife AL-HEMEARY, Dávid SOMOGYI, Botond PRÁGAI
  • The application of mathematical models describing a certain aspect of reality is indispensable for the understanding and efficient operation of technological or natural systems. When we are interested in the evolution of certain quantities usually in time and/or space, we use dynamic models. The deep understanding and the targeted manipulation of such models' behaviour are studied by systems and control theory which provides a common framework for handling dynamical models from different application fields and thus supports to form an interdisciplinary viewpoint.
  • The primary target of our research is the analysis, control and identification of biologically motivated systems matching the main focus of the Faculty. During the years 2020 and 2021, we put a special emphasis on the system theoretic study of the COVID-19 pandemic besides the ongoing basic research topics. Our latest research problems are related to generalized ribosome flow models and gene regulation networks.
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Results of the model-based estimation of epidemiological data during the COVID-19 pandemic in Hungary using hospital statistics and wastewater information. The data reconstruction problem is solved through system inversion traced back to nonlinear trajectory tracking control. Top figure: estimated real number of daily new infections and the related underdetection rates for the different waves and virus variants. Bottom figure: estimated time-dependent effective reproduction number compared to the published data series of Our World in Data.