• Heads of Laboratory: Dr. Kristóf IVÁN, Dr. András József LAKI
  • Members: Mária LAKI, Márton HARTDÉGEN, Csaba PONGOR, Máté KÁLOVICS, Erik JÁMBOR 
  • PPKE’s Biomicrofluidics research group does design, computational fluid dynamic simulation, fabrication and test of microfluidic devices. We also do research and development for fabrication technology of different devices (soft-lithography, laser ablation, pressure-sensitive adhesive).
  • The main research areas of our research group: food safety (detection and analysis of foodborne pathogens), biomedical diagnostics (filtration and analysis of circulating tumor cells, blood diagnostics), Microfluidic particle separation technologies, and its auxiliary disciplines.

We are able to develop Lab-on-a-chip device from a bacis biological process up to working prototype and finally create a high-production fabricable device.