International students are required to participate in a Foundation Semester during the fall term prior to commencing their Master's program. Consequently, the official start of the Master's program is in February.  

The primary objective of the foundation semester is to prepare students for their Master's program in Budapest, ensuring their successful progression through their studies. This preparatory period assists students in reviewing, enhancing, and refining the Bachelor-level skills necessary for success in their Master's program. Only upon the satisfactory completion of the Foundation Semester can students begin the four-semester Master's program. 



Module 1-4: 

  • Basics of Academic English 
  • Basics of Hungarian Language 

Module 1: 

  • Basics of Algebra 
  • Basics of Chemistry and Biology 
  • Basics of Programming 1. 

Module 2: 

  • Basics of Calculus 
  • Basics of Molecular Biology and Genetics 
  • Basics of Programming 2. 

Module 3: 

  • Basics of Bioinformatics 
  • Basics of Probability and Statistics 
  • Basics of Signal Processing 

Module 4: 

  • Basics of Computer Architectures 
  • Basics of Neuroscience and Electrophysiology