• Heads of Laboratory: Dr. András OLÁH, Dr. Kálmán TORNAI
  • Members: Attila TIHANYI, András HALÁSZ, Máté LŐRINCZ, Áron PAPP, Lóránt DAUBNER, Dániel NÉMETH, Levente BOLYKI
  • The primary focus of our research is the industrial application of WSN, where the sensor network is augmented with an actuator network. The design of the distributed-control must consider the constraints on the tolerance of delays that is typical to a specific industrial field. In 2011 we established the MAD (Mobile Application Development) laboratory lead by Kálmán Tornai. In MAD Lab, the most important smartphone platforms (currently Android and iOS, formerly Windows) are available to develop applications that process and analyze the data acquired by internal or external sensors of the smartphones. The research objective is to find methods that can verify the user identity of the device and to prevent unauthorized access.
  • The aim is to solve the problem at high accuracy on the basis of the analysis of sensor measurements with a soft-biometric approach. The importance of the method is given by the weaknesses of traditional, widespread methods, that can be easily spoofed. The applied AI and ML algorithms can be used on other data analysis and recognition problems where suspicious user behaviors must be detected.

Illustration of the workflow, how open-set recognition is applied to IMU sensor readings of a smart mobile phone. The proposed method can distinguish known users and separate them from unknown (unknown to the system during the training phase) patterns.