• Head of Laboratory: Dr. Loránd ERŐSS
  • Member: Prof. István ULBERT
  • In the biotechnological sense, neuromodulation is the frontier between natural science, medicine and engineering, which aims to improve the quality of life of people with neurological diseases, including many implantable and extracorporeal, electrical and chemical technologies. With the foundation of the group, we created an interdisciplinary workshop where the above disciplines meet. Our goal was to create an integrative center where research in the field, everyday clinical medicine, university graduate and postgraduate medical and bionics training, and the neuromodulation industry can develop in close cooperation.
  • In such an environment, research conducted at the center can directly shape medical practice and information technology, as well as medical undergraduate and postgraduate education, and on the other hand, clinical needs and experiences also directly influence research and industrial development.


The state-of-the-art and most modern operating theater complex in the country and Europe has been built at the National Institute of Mental, Neurological and Neurosurgery.