During the default duration of their studies, the following allowances are provided to scholarship holders: 

  • exemption from tuition fees 
  • monthly scholarship: MSc students receive HUF 43,700 per person, while PhD students receive HUF 140,000 in the first two years and HUF 180,000 in the second two years (for 12 months in a year, until completion of their studies) 
  • dormitory accommodation or housing allowance: HUF 40,000 per person (for 12 months in a year; students of the Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics are only offered the housing allowance) 
  • free access to state-funded health care services 
  • complementary health insurance: up to a maximum of HUF 65,000 per year 
  • visa and residence permit administration free of charge 

Please note that the provisions granted by the scholarship do not cover all the expenses of scholarship holders, they are only meant as a contribution. Students also need their own financial resources to cover all their living expenses.