Winning OTKA Grants at ITK


The category announced for Young Researchers allows winners to establish their own research groups in Hungary and initiate independent research projects. Within the framework of this call, 87 new projects have received funding. István Reguly, researcher at Pázmány ITK, has been granted support for the next 4 years for his research topic, "Optimization of Computational Chains on Heterogeneous Architectures." 

The Postdoctoral Excellence Program aims to contribute to the funding of researchers who have recently obtained their scientific degrees. This initiative encourages them to proceed with their research, building their research careers in Hungary by working collaboratively with experienced researchers as members of research groups. This year, 89 young researchers have won support for three years, covering their research salaries and related expenses, with a total budget of approximately 2.6 billion forints. 

Two researchers from ITK at our university have been awarded support in this category: 

- Péter Polcz: Computational Analysis of Nonlinear Uncertain Systems with Applications 

- Gergely Szlobodnyik: Quantitative Analysis and Identifiability Investigation of Dynamic Systems with Network Structures 

Under the thematic priority-free research topic grants program, supporting promising fundamental research programs in any scientific field, 183 new research projects have received financial support. In this category, Gábor Szederkényi from Pázmány ITK has received funding for his research topic, "Analysis and Control of Dynamic Systems with Network Structures Using Compartmental Representation."  

We congratulate all four researchers from PPKE ITK on receiving the grants, and we wish them successful implementation of their projects. 


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