• Head: Prof. Emeritus Géza KOLUMBÁN, IEEE Life Fellow
  • Members: Attila TIHANYI, Tamás KRÉBESZ, Ákos MÓROCZ
  • Software Defined Informatics (SDI) represents a paradigm shift in modern information processing and communications technologies where each application is implemented exclusively in software. The software is run on an arbitrary computing platform and the transformations between the real-world analog signals and digital data streams processed on the digital computing platform are performed by universal hardware tools. The SW implementation provides tremendous flexibility and the different applications can be run in parallel.
  • We aim to develop the general theory of SDI concept. Up-to-date ICT systems require mobile radio communications devices with ultra-low-power consumption. Our lab has elaborated the idea of non-coherent chaos-based data communications and the DCSK modulation which has been accepted as a worldwide standard. Now we are working to further develop the DCSK technology.

Photo of the PXI-based universal SDI platform used in the lab. The PXI chassis and a stand-alone microwave spectrum analyzer can be seen at the top-left and top-right, respectively, of the photo while the monitor in the bottom displays the measured results. The picture shows an automated BER performance evaluation of a chaos-based FM-DCSK communications system over a multipath noisy radio channel.