• Head of Laboratory: Prof. Zoltán GÁSPÁRI
  • Members: Dr. Bálint PÉTERFIA, Zsófia DOBSON-KÁLMÁN, Eszter NAGY-KANTA, Anna SÁNTA, Fanni FARKAS, András László SZABÓ, Soma VARGA
  • Our research focuses on proteins involved in synaptic signal transduction. We apply experimental and computational methods to decipher the relationships between the structure, dynamics and function of these proteins. Proteins expressed in our laboratory are investigated by various biophysical methods, the results of which are integrated into molecule- and systems-level models to understand the mechanistic details of partner binding of individual components as well as the organization of the postsynaptic protein network.

Representative structures of different clusters obtained from molecular dynamics simulations of the PDZ1-PDZ2 tandem of the PSD-95 protein. The different clusters exhibit distinct domain-domain interactions and their observed abundance during the simulations depends on the presence or absence of the PDZ ligands