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Alexandra Nagy graduated in 2023 from the BioData Analysis Postgraduate Course, a joint course of Pázmány Péter Catholic University and HiDucator Ltd. We asked Alexandra about her experiences with the training.

ITK: What sparked your interest in the Biodata Analysis training? How did you know you would need it, had you worked in this field before?

AN: I signed up for the program due to several key factors. Firstly, the esteemed reputation of Pázmány University, coupled with the comprehensive curriculum and courses that the program entailed. I additionally asked senior researchers who affirmed the value of this opportunity and emphasized the critical role of bioinformatics and data processing within the field of biological research. Also I was looking for a postgraduate program, which can be completed within a year.

While my previous university did offer an R course in Biology, I acknowledged the need for a comprehensive integration of computer science and biology, a connection often lacking in standalone programming courses available online.


ITK: Does this one-year course give you enough to use it in your daily work?

AN: Certanly. Thanks to the program, I resolved to pursue a career as a bioinformatician. For me, the program was transformative, yet it offers invaluable insights for individuals involved in various research domains, spanning from ecology to molecular biology.

ITK: We were informed that you completed this course having a small child. How did you manage that?

I dedicated focused time to my studies during my child's nursery school hours and on weekends. While a few hours per week were enough to complete the assignments, for comprehensive learning I needed days at the end of the semesters like in an exam period.

ITK: How much knowledge of biology is required to complete the course?

AN: Although the curriculum is structured to fit a diverse audience, certain components such as structural bioinformatics require molecular biology knowledge, however my Bachelor's degree in Biology  was enough.

ITK: How satisfied were you with the availability of the lecturers?

AN: Absolutely, the lecturers are university lecturers, their accessibility was consistent, with a hybrid learning model that combined online lectures and pre-recorded lessons. This flexible approach allowed me to balance my schedules effectively. The instructors have left positive impression on me, contributing significantly to my satisfaction with the program.

Reflecting on the tuition fee, I find it both reasonable and justified, especially when compared to similar master's  or postgradual programs. Considering the potential for future career progress, this investment is a practical step for those aiming for substantial professional development.

ITK: Thank you very much Alexandra, we wish you all the best for your carreer.


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