• Head of Laboratory: Prof. Attila CSIKÁSZ-NAGY
  • Members: Dr. Csaba István PONGOR, Dr. János JUHÁSZ, PhD students: Tünde Éva GAIZER, Bence Márk KEÖMLEY-HORVÁTH, Valentina MADÁR, Marcell MISKI, Bíborka PILLÉR, Áron WEBER; MSc students: Luca DÁVID, Nóra GÖRÖG, Máté METZING, Helga SZAKADÁTI
  • We investigate the spatial and temporal dynamics of molecular and cellular regulatory networks (1) experimentally and (2) through mathematical modelling and model analysis techniques. The main research line on molecular networks focuses on the regulation of cell growth and proliferation, especially dealing with cell cycle regulation and its connection to aging, to the circadian clock and to spatial control of cell growth. We also develop tools to predict changes in the complexome upon perturbations by drugs or disease.
  • On the cellular networks track we investigate cell-cell interactions in yeast colonies and use the results of this approach in combination with theoretical ideas to design and synthetically establish multicellular colonies for specific functions. Additionaly, as part of a national consortium we work on models of disease spreading in structured populations.
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Microscopy image and simulation of the growth of two labelled yeast strains. On the left two strains were fluorescently labelled and grown on YPD solid media. On the right simulation results of an agent-based model, where two differently coloured strains were grown together.