Please note that the description below is valid only for the Bioinformatics, Computer Science Engineering, Info-Bionics Engineering, Medical Biotechnology and Quantum Engineering MSc programmes.  

Image Processing and Computer Vision MSc applicants should consult the website about specific details.  

After the Admissions Committee has evaluated the submitted applications, you will be informed in email whether you have been considered eligible to take the entrance examination. If you are selected for the entrance examination, you will be invited to a written test and an oral interview, both of them online. 

Subjects of the entrance examination: 


Parts of the entrance examination: 

1. Online written test 

In the first round of the entrance examination, you will be invited to take an online written test on the University’s Moodle platform of the subjects listed above. 

The test will not cover the totality of the listed topics, but you may get multiple choice or short essay-type questions in any of them. 

The online testing platform will be available to you during a period of 2 or 3 days, within which you may take the test at any time suitable for you. Once you start the test, you will have 35 minutes to complete it. Please note that you may only start the test once. 

2. Online oral interview 

If the result of the written test is satisfactory, then (and only then) you will be invited to an online oral interview. 

The interview is a 20-minute conversation between two professors of the Faculty and you about the following topics: 

  • your previous studies and your thesis project, 
  • your motivation about your chosen field of study and your future career plans, 
  • possibly some questions about the subjects of the entrance examination.