The program, which is operated jointly with Semmelweis University Budapest, allows students to gain advanced theoretical and practical knowledge at the intersection of medicine and informatics. Medical biotechnologists work in the rapidly developing bio-medicinal field where their responsibilities include research, development, application and management. They are able to model and simulate biological systems on computers, are familiar with the current methods in molecular diagnostics and therapies, as well as design, create, manage and use databases in the field of medical biotechnology. Medical biotechnologists are able to handle and interpret large-scale data sets of medical relevance. As specialists trained in science, informatics and specific fields of medicine, they can be employed in basic research, or in the field of pharmaceutics, medical/molecular diagnostics or biotechnology.

Specializations offered within the program:

  • Molecular Biotechnology
  • Applied Bioinformatics

The curriculum of the study program (120 credits) comprises the following modules:

  • Fundamentals in Natural Sciences and Mathematics (total required: 15-25 credits)
  • Economics and Humanities (total required: 5-15 credits)
  • Skills in Medical Biotechnology (total required: 15-35 credits)
  • Specialization (total required: 30-50 credits) 
    • Spcialization in Applied Bioinformatics 
    • Specialization in Molecular Biotechnology
  • Project Work and Thesis Work (total required: 29 credits)
  • Other elective subjects (maximum 6 credits)

Application requirements:

All candidates must hold a first higher education degree (Bachelor, 180 ECTS) before the program starts or demonstrate a recognised equivalent level of learning according to national legislation and practices, with excellent grades and other study results (diploma rating of min 75%). Good proficiency in English is required.

  • Bachelor degree or equivalent in one of the following:
    • Molecular Bionics Engineering
    • Biochemical Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Medical Laboratorial Diagnostic Imaging Analysis
    • Biology
    • Chemistry

Holders of BSc degrees other than the ones listed will go through a validation process by the Credit Transfer Committee. 

    • The minimum requirement to be eligible for the entrance exam is 50 credits in the following areas:
      • Natural sciences (analysis, algebra, discrete mathematics, probability, mathematical statistics, organic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, molecular physics)
      • Economics and humanities (economics, business economics, business management, history of science, law, other humanities)
      • Skills in electronics and computer sciences (electronic circuits, electronic physics, signal processing, information theory, computational and algorithm theory, programming languages, program design, digital systems, database management, bioinformatics)
      • Skills in biophysics and neuroscience (biophysics, genetics, neurobiology, basics of biological imaging, electrophysiology, biolaboratory measurements).

Entrance examination topics:

 Diploma rating:

  • At least 'good' (over 75%).

Language of tuition:

  • English


Deadline for application: March 15

The Master's Program starts in September with a compulsory Foundation Semester (in the Fall semester) for international students. Students may proceed to their actual Master's studies only after successful completion of the Foundation Semester.



  • 7 December 2023, at 3 pm CET
  • 12 March 2024, at 3 pm CET

Our Virtual Open Days will give you the opportunity to learn about the following:

  • program structure and professional content,
  • tuition fees and scholarship opportunities,
  • application and selection process.

At the end of the session, you will have the chance to ask your specific questions.


  • Application fee: 8.000 HUF (approx. 20-22 EUR/USD)
  • Tuition fee: 975.000 HUF / semester 
  • Tuition fee waiver for EU citizens!*
* Special conditions and application deadlines apply. For more information, please contact: